Why Is Religion So Concerned About What We Do In The Bedroom?

As not only an ex-Muslim Atheist living in a predominantly believing environment (Muslim at home; Christian at university), but also a homosexual, I know first hand about what religion has to say about my activities in the bedroom. Why does religion have any say in our sexual activities, though? Surely sex and sexuality – and the manner in which you choose to enjoy it – are between the parties actually involved in the act, not some third party with an inflated opinion of itself? Let’s look at the two major religions and their views on sex and sexuality, and whether there is any justification in giving them the authority to dictate to us what is moral and what isn’t.  Continue reading

“Islam is the religion of peace.”

No doubt you’ve heard this before. As an ex-Muslim with a Muslim-only family, I have heard it repeated over and over that Islam is the best religion; Islam is a way of life; Islam is the religion of peace. Let’s take a deeper look at this, why don’t we?  Continue reading

“What do you think happens to us after we die?”


Disclaimer: This is not meant to offend anyone. Seeing as we live in the Age of Butthurt, I’m sorry if anyone is offended. Also, grow up; wanting to live in a democracy without ever being offended is a Utopian fantasy.

I love when this question is posed to me. Not in an asshole kind of manner, where I try and explain in an arrogant manner why I am right and why you are wrong, but I really love this question because it forces me to stop and ponder: “What do I think happens to me after I die?

First things first

Before I actually answer the question, I feel like I need to first clarify my belief system. So, I’m an Atheist. I haven’t always been one, though I can see why I ended up as one. Continue reading