“Islam is the religion of peace.”

No doubt you’ve heard this before. As an ex-Muslim with a Muslim-only family, I have heard it repeated over and over that Islam is the best religion; Islam is a way of life; Islam is the religion of peace. Let’s take a deeper look at this, why don’t we?  Continue reading

“What do you think happens to us after we die?”


Disclaimer: This is not meant to offend anyone. Seeing as we live in the Age of Butthurt, I’m sorry if anyone is offended. Also, grow up; wanting to live in a democracy without ever being offended is a Utopian fantasy.

I love when this question is posed to me. Not in an asshole kind of manner, where I try and explain in an arrogant manner why I am right and why you are wrong, but I really love this question because it forces me to stop and ponder: “What do I think happens to me after I die?

First things first

Before I actually answer the question, I feel like I need to first clarify my belief system. So, I’m an Atheist. I haven’t always been one, though I can see why I ended up as one. Continue reading