The Student Life – part 1: What to study?

As you can see from the title, I’m planning on making this a multi-part series. People are generally okay with reading, as long as the piece is kept nice and short. I wouldn’t wanna post a 3000 word essay on here only to have people close this tab with a discontented sigh after 1000 words.

What do I study?

Okay, for some, I understand, coming to university¬†was the logical next step in their life. You know: Primary School, High School, maybe a gap year, and then uni. They never questioned whether or not they’d be here; they just¬†knew. For me, it was slightly different.

There were some things that happened in my late high school career (that story is better left for another night, when my wine glass has been emptied and lack of sleep evaporates all inhibition) that left me contemplating my future. I come from a not-so-well off family, so finances was always the big troll that popped out from under the bridge whenever I tried to consider crossing over from High School to uni. Once I’d been assured that there were, in fact, many bursaries available to “people of colour” *cringe*, I considered the next hurdle that needed to be faced: what to study? Continue reading